Who We Are

We are based at the renowned Wood Lane Countryside Centre in Sheffield.
We cover the areas of Yorkshire, North Derbyshire and Lincolnshire and other areas on request.
We are proud members of the Property Care Association and are registered with Trustmark. We are fully qualified Japanese Knotweed Surveyors and Technicians. We also have up to date training in Professional Pesticide Application, including in and near water.
We offer insurance backed guarantees.

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Specialise in Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed and Aquatic herbicide applications.

Our Mission Statement

“To utilise our expertise and experience to control invasive species in the most professional manner.
To do so in the most cost effect manner for the customer without compromise.”



Adrian Burke

Adrian Burke,
BSc Hons, CSJK

The Problem and the Law

Japanese Knotweed can grow up to 10cm (4inch) a day. It crowds out other flora and fauna and so reduce bio-diversity.
It can grow through cracks in concrete causing structural damage finding its way through faults and weaknesses in structures. A plant can grow from a 0.4g rhizome(root). New knotweed plants can grow from the stems, crowns or rhizomes and can grow up to 7mts from a plant to a depth of 3mts.

It is against the law to cause it to grow in the wild and also to let it grow into your neighbours property.
Its roots are classed as Controlled Waste and need a Licensed Waste Carrier to remove them. It is not allowed in Local Authority Waste Disposal Sites or Council Bin schemes.

More comprehensive guidance about Japanese Knotweed from the Environment Agency website can be found Here.

The Property Care Association have further information Here.

Under the Finance Bill 2009, Japanese Knotweed 1st April 2009. Persons liable for corporation tax can claim a 150% deduction on the cost of removing Knotweed which can be claimed at the end of the tax year.

Our Services and Skills


Free Survey/An individual Knotweed Management Plan/Treatment


Herbicide treatment takes a minimum of 3 years then 2 years without growth.


We follow Property Care Association Code of Practice.


Free Quote, No Minimal fee, Company and Insurance Backed Guarantees


Risk Assessments and COSHH Assessments

Fully Trained

Fully trained NPTC pesticide operatives for 17 years

Fully Trained

Qualified Knotweed Surveyor and Technician


Over 20 years of working in the Environmental Sector